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Simple and secure way to sign transactions and e-documents in a smartphone

PayControl — is a software platform with "digital signature in a smartphone" with a high level of security and easy way to sign any operations generated via any digital channels.


PayControl is a digital signature solution for smartphones that allows bank’s clients to confirm their transactions in any digital channel (online banking, mobile banking, CNP operations, telephone banking (Private bank), and others) with a high level of security and convenience. It can work as a standalone application for a smartphone or can be integrated directly into a mobile banking application.

PayControl provides the user with the opportunity to verify the correctness of the transaction data or electronic document and generate a signature regardless of the device used. No need for extra scratch cards or MAC tokens. No dependence on mobile connectivity and SMS delivery speed. Using PayControl is as easy as calling from a mobile phone.

Key points

Confirm and digitally sign any transaction or document in one tap - no more hardware solutions, such as hardware tokens, OTP-generators or scratch-cards, are required to generate a digital signature.

  • Any transaction or document appears right in a smartphone;
  • No dependence on mobile operator service or SMS delivery time;
  • Availability to use the app in off-line mode even in roaming or airplane mode.

High level of security and antifraud protection:

  • Unauthorized access risk protection even in case of device loss;
  • Full transaction details appear on your screen right before signing;
  • PayControl does not use SMS and PUSH-codes, that can be intercepted.

PayControl security

Features to support the security of transactions:

  • Digital signature in PayControl is formed on the basis of four components: operation details, e-signature generated time, user's key and fingerprint;
  • PayControl’s backend app storage protects from phishing, social engineering and data switching.

Security of key user's information:

  • A key is generated in a user's smartphone and stored safely in an encrypted form;
  • Two independent communication channels are used to activate PayControl mobile app in a user's smartphone.

Non-repudiation for transactions:

  • User confirms not just payment details, but also 'sign' to be notified about status of transaction;
  • PayControl uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, thus, an e-signature can be generated only by the user.
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